We offer  specialty custom cookies including edible images (we can put any photo or image, logo, etc you have on a cookie!), hand painted designs using our fresh home made royal icing, image stenciling with airbrushed designs etc. Our decadent cupcakes are so moist and fluffy and are topped with our delicious home made buttercream, the options are endless from classic smooth buttercream swirls to intricate spun candy toppers, cupcake bouquets etc the possibilities are endless. We also offer all kinds of other treats too including chocolate dipped oreos, cupcake bites, macaroons, cupcake pull-apart cakes, cookie pops, sculpted rice crispies cakes and cake toppers, caramel  and candied apples, the list goes on. We welcome all ideas, we love to be creative and challenge ourselves so contact us with your ideas so we can create you a unique personalized treat!